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PDF icon 5.10 Equal Employment Opportunity and Minority Recruitment64.07 KB
PDF icon 5.20 Workplace Harassment Prohibited58.79 KB
PDF icon 5.30 Hiring Process and Criteria72.96 KB
PDF icon 5.35 Compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act56.38 KB
PDF icon 5.40 Communicable and Chronic Infectious Disease43.39 KB
PDF icon 5.50 Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace/Tobacco Prohibition49.5 KB
PDF icon 5.60 Expenses70.44 KB
PDF icon 5.70 Religious Holidays33.54 KB
PDF icon 5.80 Court Duty37.9 KB
PDF icon 5.90 Abused and Neglected Child Reporting 48.97 KB
PDF icon 5.100 Staff Development Program41.58 KB
PDF icon 5.110 Recognition for Service35.75 KB
PDF icon 5.120 Employee Ethics, Conduct, and Conflict of Interest70.89 KB
PDF icon 5.122 Tutoring and Private Lessons35.58 KB
PDF icon 5.140 Solicitations By or From Staff32.5 KB
PDF icon 5.150 Personnel Records, Maintenance, and Access41.36 KB
PDF icon 5.170 Copyright for Publications or Sale of Instructional Materials and Computer Programs Developed by Employees47.62 KB
PDF icon 5.180 Temporary Illness of Temporary Incapacity60.43 KB
PDF icon 5.185 Family and Medical Leave Act66.78 KB
PDF icon 5.190 Teacher Qualifications42.81 KB
PDF icon 5.200 Terms and Conditions of Employment and Dismissal43.13 KB
PDF icon 5.210 Resignations and Retirement37.22 KB
PDF icon 5.220 Substitute Teachers61.27 KB
PDF icon 5.230 Maintaining Student Discipline42.16 KB
PDF icon 5.240 Suspension50.42 KB
PDF icon 5.250 Leave of Absence54.74 KB
PDF icon 5.260 Student Teachers45.66 KB
PDF icon 5.270 Compensation and Assignment49.61 KB
PDF icon 5.280 ESP - Duties and Qualifications12.36 KB
PDF icon 5.285 Drug and Alcohol Testing for School Bus and Commerical Vehicle Drivers40.66 KB
PDF icon 5.290 Employment Termination and Suspensions47.24 KB
PDF icon 5.300 Schedules and Employment Year8.92 KB
PDF icon 5.310 Compensatory Time-Off46.6 KB
PDF icon 5.320 Evaluation38.05 KB
PDF icon 5.330 Sick Days, Vacation, Holidays, and Leaves40.09 KB